ATI Mosin Nagant Stock Review

ATI Mosin Nagant Stock Review

It’s no secret that the Mosin Nagant isn’t the most comfortable rifle to shoot. It’s heavy and kicks like a mule, but it throws lead like a bat out of hell. The factory stock is very heavy and when combined with the barrel is tough to lug around.

Replacing the stock on the Mosin is a must do mod for anyone wanting to seriously shoot or hunt with their Mosin. The ATI Monte Carlo stock isn’t “tactical” or meant to have the look of an AR. This stock has a clean cut look reminiscent of a Remington 700 or your favorite hunting rifle.

The stock comes with some “extras” that make the Mosin even more useful. It comes with sling swivel studs, a raised cheekrest, and a rubber butt pad (making the kick a little more bearable). Similar to modern hunting rifles, the stock has a vertical pistol like grip behind the trigger making holding a sight picture easier than with the Mosin factory horizontal stock.

The weight of the ATI stock is the biggest bonus. The factory laminate stock is anything but light. This stock is polymer making it lighter at 3.6 pounds and more durable than the factory wood stock.

From an installation standpoint, the Nagant guts drop right into the ATI stock. When installing the stock, be sure to follow the directions as the order of which parts go in and are tightened first helps to ensure you get a good fit.

The price of the ATI stock is much less expensive than other options. At under $75 this is a modification that you can do without breaking the bank or making you feel bad about spending more on an aftermarket stock than you did on the rifle itself.

Overall, the ATI Monte Carlo stock is a great option for your Mosin Nagant. It is a well reviewed and quality stock that Mosin owners have trusted for years. For other Mosin mods be sure to check out our Top 10 Mosin Nagant Mods.

For more information on this ATI stock and to see current prices click here.

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