Best Combat Knife

Best Combat Knife

There is no better match to a battle rifle than a good knife. Here is our list of the best combat knives to accompany you and your firearm.

Top 9 Best Combat Knife

  1. Ka-Bar.
  2. SOG (a personal favorite).
  3. Gerber Strongarm.
  4. ESEE 6P.
  6. ESEE 3P 8.5″.
  7. Cold Steel Survivalist.
  8. Cold Steel 3V SRK.
  9. Gerber Bear Grylls.

1- Ka-Bar

The best accessory to any rifle is a knife and you’ll never be wrong if you choose a Ka-Bar.

2. SOG (a personal favorite)

While not made in the US like most of the knives on this list, SOG is made in China. SOG makes a quality knife with a great reputation for quality and durability. This knife is a hefty beast. Another benefit is the non reflective blade.

3.Gerber Strongarm

4. ESEE 6P

Side Note: The ESEE 6P is also available in neon green with pink handles…seriously. Check it out. You’ll never have to worry about having to search for it if you drop it in the woods.


Beast of a knife. big brother to 6p

6. ESEE 3P 8.5″

Long little brother but arguably more practical for a fixed blade regular everyday use

7. Cold Steel Survivalist

8. Cold Steel 3V SRK

9. Gerber Bear Grylls

Kinda cheesy, but budget friendly. It’s not an heirloom, you definitely aren’t going to be handing this down to some great grandchild while telling stories of adventures in the wilderness. The rubber will likely wear out and it doesn’t have the lineage of an ESEE, but it nevertheless is a list worthy knife.

Part of owning a quality knife is keeping that quality through maintenance; namely sharpening. I’ve included two accessories below that are must haves regardless of the knife you choose.

Smith’s PP1 Sharpener

Compact, portable, and can handle serrations.

Sharp Pebble Whetstone

Hands down the most important item on this list. Even if you do not purchase any knife on this list, this whetstone is a must have. Beyond combat knives, I’m talking kitchen knives, pocket knives, utility knives. The reviews speak for themselves, but every blade you own will thank you. This sharpener sits on my desk and has never let me down (to be fair it would be difficult to let me down because its a stone, but its the quality you are looking for).

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