Best Modifications and Accessories for M1903 Springfield

Best Modifications and Accessories for M1903 Springfield

Though the M1903 Springfield is an excellent rifle on its own, it would not hurt to make it a little better. There are plenty of things you can do to a rifle to make it more reliable, more accurate, and better looking. Here are a few of my favorite modifications and accessories for the M1903 Springfield.

Top 5 Best Modifications And Accessories For M1903 Springfield

  1. Smoother Trigger.
  2. Modern Scope.
  3. New Stock.
  4. New Sling.
  5. Replacement Bolt.

1- Smoother Trigger

These rifles are known for having harder to pull triggers. However, they were made like this on purpose. Imagine being in a stressful combat situation with a battle rifle that shot every time you touched the trigger! This was simply a way to eliminate negligent discharges, but for a hunter, a lighter trigger pull will make you more accurate.

2- Modern Scope

Many of these rifles were issued with simple iron sights, and some sniper variants were issued with relatively low powered scopes. The modern hunter can take advantage of modern technology. Getting a modern scope for your rifle will help you reach out to further distances and also help you be more accurate at close to medium ranges.

You can not go wrong with the Vortex Optics Copperhead 4-12×44. It allows for up to 12x magnification and will allow you to really take advantage of this accurate rifle.

3- New Stock

A lot of these rifles are beaten up pretty badly, and because of that, you can get them for great prices. So, why not buy a cheaper rifle that still functions and outfit it with new stock? The stock on these rifles is one big piece and the action & barrel sit inside it so, assuming the internals work right, buying new stock for an old gun can save a few hundred dollars.

4- New Sling

Most of these rifles no longer have slings, and if they do, they are likely in poor condition. So I suggest buying a new sling for these rifles. Slings are almost a necessity for a hunter. It quickly gets annoying to walk with a 9-pound rifle in your hand all the way to your stand.

5- Replacement Bolt

If you get an older model of the M1903 Springfield, it likely has had thousands of rounds shot through it. And though these rifles will last forever if taken care of, I am betting that every single soldier did not care for their rifles as they should have. So getting a new bolt will get rid of that wobbly feel and fix any jams that result from it.


The M1903 Springfield is an amazing rifle, but a few of these suggestions could make it perform much better and look much nicer.

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