Best Mosin Accessories

Best Mosin Accessories

In addition to modifications you can make to your Mosin, this is a list of 12 accessories you can add to your Mosin collection.

Top 12 Best Mosin Accessories

  1. Quality gun case.
  2. Sling.
  3. Butt stock ammo holder.
  4. Ammo can.
  5. Cleaning kit.
  6. Cleaning rod.
  7. Hearing and Eye Protection.
  8. Recoil pad.
  9. Grip.
  10. Bayonet.
  11. Stripper clips.
  12. More ammo.

1- Quality gun case

While the Mosin may be strong enough to withstand a war protecting it especially if you have done some costly modifications is important. In addition to the protection benefits, a case makes it easy to safely store and travel with your rifle.

Soft Case option: Allen Company Daytona, at 52″ it’s long enough to fit your Mosin

Hard Case option: Plano Protector Single Rifle/Shotgun Case

2- Sling

You have a couple options in the sling department. For the classic Mosin owner, these are replacement Russian slings. For the tactical Mosin modifier the Butler Creek sling offers a contemporary look for an iconic rifle. It is padded and you can use your existing Mosin hardware to connect this sling to the rifle.

3- Butt stock ammo holder

When hunting or at the range the last thing you want is to carry around a box of ammo especially if you are only wanting to shoot a few rounds. A butt stock ammo holder like these makes it easy to hold some rounds without having to carry anything extra besides your rifle.

4- Ammo can

– now if you are planning to really do some shooting or are stocking up on some ammo I recommend an ammo can. Over time the cardboard boxes that your ammo comes in get soft and trying to pack all these boxes in a backpack to go shooting is like a bad game of Jenga. An ammo can saves you the hassle and allows you to safely store and carry your lead. This is also a good option to transfer your military surplus ammo that comes in the spam can.

5- Cleaning kit

Shooting should always be followed by cleaning. Take care of your rifle and your rifle will take care of you. You can either choose between the classic Mosin cleaning kit (recommended), or a more comprehensive cleaning kit if you are upgrading your existing cleaning kit for the rest of your collection.

Mosin Specific Cleaning Kit:
(This one is a steal because it includes stripper clips and a sling)

Multi Gun Cleaning Kit:

6- Cleaning rod

This isn’t an AR so we don’t have thousands of parts to clean with special Teflon oil. The Mosin doesn’t need that type of attention to be awesome, it’s been awesome since WW2 even covered in cosmoline. If you forego the full cleaning kit, I recommend you at least invest in a good cleaning rod with a wire brush tip.

7- Hearing and Eye Protection

A good set of hearing and eye protection is not only important for a day at the range, but should be a staple for any shooter. From personal experience I can tell you that this set of ear muffs is comfortable even for a long day of shooting.

8- Recoil pad

The kick from a Mosin is only second to that of a mule. If you decide not to purchase a new stock and keep the shellac wood and metal butt plate style you’ll want to have some shoulder protection. This recoil pad is simplistic and easily attaches to the stock using the existing butt plate screws.

9- Grip

Adding a pistol grip to your Mosin may sound odd. This isn’t an AK, but the grip looks surprisingly good and useful on such a long and heavy rifle.

10 – Bayonet

– your Mosin comes with the stock bayonet, but if you bought it without a bayonet or want to upgrade to a newer version, the    Bayonet is a great option.

11- Stripper clips

– if your modifications don’t include a stock that allows for a magazine then you are going to continue top loading your Mosin Nagant. Not only is this process slow, but it can create some bloody knuckles. A handful of stripper clips allow you to load quickly and easily with the ability to store up some loaded clips for future use.

12. More ammo

More ammo 7.62x54r is cheap. It’s a lot of bang for your buck. Load up an ammo can or two and enjoy some time at the range.

13- Quality Knife

The best accessory to any rifle is a knife. Now it may be controversial recommending an American knife to go with your Russian rifle, but you can’t go wrong with : Ka-Bar or SOG (a personal favorite).

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