Best Mosin Nagant Stocks

Best Mosin Nagant Stocks

Top 3 Best Mosin Nagant Stocks

  1. ATI Monte Carlo.
  2. Pro Mag Archangel Stock Bundle.
  3. ATI Enfield Monte Carlo.

1. ATI Monte Carlo

The ATI Monte Carlo is a great stock option to upgrade from the factory wood to a modern stock without breaking the bank. At under $75, it is a good deal on a synthetic polymer stock.

The look is sleek and offers the “hunting rifle” look to a mil surp rifle. Some added bonuses are the built-in cheek rest and recoil pad. This will save you some money on additional mods to make shooting more comfortable.

The Monte Carlo has great reviews, one of the biggest compliments is that the stock is truly “drop-in” ready. You don’t have to make any adjustments and if you follow the instructions correctly the stock will fit snug. There may be some fitment adjustments that need to be made for rare, non 91/30, Mosins, however, if you have a rare Mosin I don’t recommend that you make any modifications. Buy a beat up 91/30 for your project rifle.

You can see the reviews and the current price of the ATI Monte Carlo here.

2. Pro Mag Archangel Stock Bundle

The Pro Mag Archangel stock is the most tactical looking of the aftermarket Mosin stocks. It comes in multiple colors including black, olive, and tan. This bundle includes a rail for accessories or scope and a bipod (other bundles include a scope as opposed to bipod). The Archangel stock itself includes an adjustable butt plate and built in adjustable cheek rest. We have a full review of the Mosin Archangel stock here.

The biggest advantage to this stock is that it converts your knuckle killer top loading Mosin into a modern magazine fed rifle. The magazine is included in the kit.

The Pro Mag was made as to the base for someone looking to modify their Mosin. The rail (and the ability to add a tri-rail) give many options for accessories. The trigger area is already cut out and ready for trigger upgrades including a Timney trigger.

These advantages do not come without their cost. Compared to the ATI Monte Carlo, the Pro Mag is much more costly. At around ~$175 (~$240 for the bundle with bipod and rail), you are pretty much buying another Mosin. While some argue this as a negative, it can also be a justification for the price. This stock kit (which includes a rail and bipod) will completely transform your Mosin Nagant into a new rifle. Not only is it now magazine fed, but it has a two way adjustable stock and is ready for any accessories or upgrades.

Ultimately you will have to decide how far you are willing to go with your Mosin. If you are planning to add many accessories or mods now or in the future, the Pro Mag is a great choice. If you are looking to simply make your Mosin a more comfortable and lighter shooter then I would go with the ATI.

You can see the reviews and updated prices on the Pro Mag stock bundle here. If you are looking for the stock only without the rail/bipod you can check it out here.

3. ATI Enfield Monte Carlo

OK, so it’s almost identical to the ATI Monte Carlo except that it’s brown, not black. Still has the sleek hunting rifle look that makes the Mosin more shooter friendly, but not necessarily mod friendly if you are looking at a lot of future changes. Don’t let the name fool you it is for a Mosin, not an Enfield.

You can check out the reviews and pricing for the ATI Enfield Monte Carlo here.

These stocks are in no particular order. All three are excellent aftermarket choices and any Mosin shooter would be happy with any of these stocks replacing the factory wood furniture. At the end of the day, the stock that you choose should be based on the future modifications or lack thereof for your rifle.

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