Military Surplus Modifications

Military Surplus Modifications

Military Surplus rifles are everywhere. Even your local pawn shop is likely to have a handful of mosins, a few mausers and maybe an SKS or two. The great thing about this large supply is the decrease in pricing. These rifles are battle tested and great for weekend shooters and sportsmen alike. While some like the classic look of these rifles, there are many of us that like to take the opportunity to pick up great rifles that may be a little beat up at low prices so that they can be modified to be completely custom.

This site is dedicated to those looking to “sporterize” or modify their surplus rifles. From refinishing the stock to adding a scope, this site includes information on it all. So let’s get to it!

Mosin Nagant Modifications

SKS Accessories

M1 Garand

Swiss K31

M1903 Springfield

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