Mosin Nagant Bolt Disassembley

Mosin Nagant Bolt Disassembley

Mosin Nagant Bolt Disassembley, Below are step by step instructions to disassemble the Mosin Nagant bolt.

  1. Make sure the gun is unloaded and remove the bolt from the rifle by pulling up and back on the bolt handle (as if loading) and then pulling the trigger while pulling back. The bolt will slide out toward the rear. Before beginning the disassembly make sure the bolt is in “safety mode” by pulling on the rear of the bolt and twisting right while holding the bolt handle in one hand. It should look like this picture.
  2. Once the bolt has the safety set and is removed from the rifle, the bolt should pull apart in two pieces.imageimage
  3. The bolt should now be in three pieces, with the firing pin exposed on the largest piece. To remove the firing pin take the forked piece you just removed from the bolt and use the forked end to unscrew the firing pin. Be careful while taking out the firing pin. There is a spring behind it so it will “jump” when it finally comes loose.image
  4. Once the firing pin is unscrewed you can pull the firing pin and the firing spring out of the main bolt body. Since the firing pin was screwed into the rear of the bolt (the safety), this can also be pulled apart from the bolt handle. image
  5. You have now fully disassembled the bolt of a Mosin Nagant. Be sure to check out my instructions for Mosin Bolt Assembly when you go to put it back together. image

Also, be sure to read about the: Mosin Nagant Bolt Assembly.


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