Must Have Modifications and Accessories for Swiss K31

Must Have Modifications and Accessories for Swiss K31

One of the best rifles ever made, the Swiss K31 was made for accuracy and was a unique rifle for its time. The straight pull action makes it stand out among other super-accurate rifles. Most of the rifles are bought up by people who want to use them at long ranges because these rifles are so capable of shooting at distances of well over 300 yards. Here are a few modifications you may want to consider when outfitting your Swiss K31.

Top 5 Modifications And Accessories For Swiss K31

  1. Muzzle Brake.
  2. Butt Plate.
  3. Modern Scope.
  4. Peep Sights.
  5. Bipod.

1- Muzzle Brake

The Swiss K31 shoots a 7.5x55mm round that is amazing but can deliver quite the kick. To tone down this kick I suggest adding a muzzle brake. To do this you will have to tap the barrel, but you can reduce the recoil by as much as 25%.

2- Butt Plate

On the same topic of recoil control, the Swiss K31 is equipped with a curved metal butt plate. It may look nice but does not feel very nice on the shoulder. Removing this butt plate and adding in a rubber one will soften the impact of its mighty 7.5x55mm cartridge.

3- Modern Scope

Seeing as this rifle is great at long distances with its plain iron sights, adding a modern scope will only improve your ability to reach out even further and zero in normal ranges. The only issue here is that the Swiss K31 is loaded from the top and also ejects spent shells from the top. To combat this issue, you will need to mount the scope to the offset to the left to allow reloading and ejection. A drill and tap scope mount mounted on the left side of the receiver will do the trick perfectly.

4- Peep Sights

The addition of a scope on this rifle hinders the standard iron sights useless. So, to be able to leave your scope sighted in at long ranges and still be able to shoot at short range, consider the addition of peep sights under the scope.

5- Bipod

A rifle like the Swiss K31 is made to shoot at extreme distances, and many times the shooter will do this from the prone position. Adding a bipod will keep you from having to prop the rifle up on a lumpy or nonuniform object to be comfortable enough to take a long-range shot. Not to mention it will make you more precise. When you shoot off an irregular object or one that is not made for shooting, like a backpack, there is no way that the rifle is in the same orientation every time. With a bipod, you can guarantee that the shot will be the exact same each and every time.


While these rifles are made with the utmost quality, with modern-day modifications they can certainly be made better. Adding a few of my suggested modifications will help you become more accurate and precise on the range.

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