Best SKS Accessories

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This is the list of the top accessories you can purchase for your SKS. To be clear these are not necessarily mods, but things you should have as an SKS owner. Some are more important than others (no particular order to the list), but they all have one thing in common…all SKS owners I have talked to have mentioned most if not all of these items as must haves to make owning and shooting a SKS more enjoyable.

1. Bayonet – Whether the rifle you have didn’t come with one, you lost the original, or the original is just too beat up, this is an original spike bayonet fresh out of the cosmoline. Since this is an original bayonet, there should be not fit issues whatsoever.

2. Butt Stock Cleaning Kit – This too is an original surplus set. This cleaning kit is for the trap door style stocks. If you don’t have one you should pick up a cleaning rod also (only a couple dollars more).

3. Sling – A sling normally doesn’t need much explaining, but this sling is unique as it is made out of parachute cord. It is well reviewed and is a nice touch for those who like something unique or like the practicality of paracord if ever in a survival situation. However, if you are looking for a traditional sling, this sling from AIM surplus should fit the bill.

4. Recoil Pad – A day of shooting can be much less painful with a recoil pad. This one is combat style and is set up so that you can still access the trap door cleaning kit. You have the option to keep it as is if you don’t have the butt stock cleaning kit, or you can  trim some of the material where the trap door will be useable. It comes is 1″ or 2″ extensions so depending on your preference, this can make your sks easier to shoot (better sight picture).

5. Cleaning Rod – Going back to more traditional surplus accessories, a cleaning rod is a must to go with your cleaning kit. Like most of the items on this list, the rod is inexpensive and is an easy item to pick up if you are in the market.

6. UTG Broken Shell Extractor – This is one of the items you buy and keep in your bag at all times. There is nothing worse than going to shoot and having a shell split and get stuck in the breech. Your day is over and you have to figure out how to get the broken shell out without damaging the rifle.


7. Cleaning Mat – This was probably one of my best purchases. It is one of those items you don’t appreciate the benefit of until you have one. I always used a rag or towel to clean my guns on, but having a dedicated mat has made cleaning and modifications so much easier. Instead of having a towel sliding around the table or getting caught on the gun, this mat has a rubber bottom and a soft top so your gun is safe and secure. As a cool feature this mat also has an imprint of a disassembled SKS if you ever need a reminder of how to put it back together.

8. Ammo Can – This is not an SKS only accessory. I think everyone needs safe and secure ammo storage and this is a great choice. You can go the surplus route on .50 cal cans, but you risk any dents or damage that can compromise the airtight seal. If you are looking to lock up your ammo opposed to just storing it you can purchase the necessary hardware kit to make your can a safe. You can also look into a plastic ammo case if you want a more comfortable handle and a built in padlock tabs. The plastic case vs the .50 caliber can is a personal preference, each have their respective benefits.

9. Stripper Clips – If you don’t already have a handful of these stripper clips laying around, you should. Buy 10-20 just in case you get some duds in the set. This is inevitable  since the stripper clips are made of thin metal.


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